Clinton and Ane

About Clinton and Ane

Clinton Lacerda and Cristi Boone are professional dance choreographers, instructors and performing artists specializing in Brazilian zouk. With over forty years of combined dance experience, they have studied classical ballet and jazz, salsa, bachata, ballroom, and samba de gafieira. They were both trained in Renata Peçanha’s illustrious dance school in Rio de Janeiro where they became instructors in her school and performers in her professional dance company. 

Clinton and Cristi individually and together have won over seven awards in competitions throughout the world in Brazilian zouk, salsa, and bachata. They have toured extensively in Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East teaching and performing in world-renowned zouk events. They have earned the reputation of being among the best and most technical Brazilian zouk instructors in the market today.

In 2016, Clinton and Cristi launched Renata Peçanha Dance Programs USA in Los Angeles which consists of two and half years of training in Brazilian zouk and a subsequent teacher training program. They currently run the program in Seattle, San Diego and Long Beach with plans for further expansion. They have run both novice and semi-pro performance teams in LA using Renata Peçanha’s original choreographies along with their own. Additionally, they organize the annual Rio Is Here Dance Festival, which has been a Los Angeles institution since 2016.