Darius and Laura

Darius Zi and Laura Riva are the directors of dZouk Productions in Toronto. Founded by Darius in 2010, dZouk organizes Canada Zouk Congress, runs Toronto’s Zouk University program, trains blind dancers in Zouk, and creates short and full-length shows. Their “See Inside Me” production was featured in Ontario’s Celebration Zone during the Toronto 2015 PanAm Games as one of “Ontario’s Best”. dZouk also directs “Cirque du Zouk,” a Canada Zouk Congress exclusive production that features  circus acts.

Together, Darius and Laura have an international reputation as organizers, teachers, and performers.

Laura is also the author of The Dancing Grapevine blog. Darius is the founder of Danceplace Digital, which offers specialized dance-related software apps and resources. Danceplace is the official competition scoring software for the Brazilian Zouk Dance Council.

Darius & Laura: dZouk Productions, Toronto, Canada

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