William and Irene

About William

William begin dancing in 2006 at Centro de Dança Alex de Carvalho in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Together with Paloma they are world-renowned Brazilian Zouk dancers, choreographers and teachers.
Today he lives in Madrid and continue to travel around the world, teaching at numerous dance congresses with his new dance partner Irene Teixeira.
William is a Brazilian Zouk Dance Council Champion dancer. He won many Jack and Jill Competitions around the world.
He also appeared at popular Brazilian TV Show “Domingão do Faustão” with singer Diogo Nogueira. Participated in the show “Upset” aired by Rede Globo in 2011. Was featured in the “Commicao de Frente” of the samba school Alegria da Zona Sul in 2011, and highlighted the Inocentes de Belford Roxo in 2012.
2011 – Championship Capital Zouk (DF) – Placing: 2nd place.
2012 – III International Congress Zouk Lambada and (RJ) – Placing: 1st place.

About Irene