Presenting our sponsors for the Choreography Divisions

Choreography sponsors play a pivotal role in the journey of competitors participating in the Brazilian Zouk World Championships. These sponsors are encouraging collaboration and innovation. Moreover, the support of choreography sponsors empowers dancers to push the boundaries of their creativity and showcase the beauty of Brazilian Zouk to audiences worldwide. 

The Brazilian Zouk World Championships recognizes our sponsors and are grateful for your support!

Amateur Rising Stars Division - Sponsor: Rio Zouk Immersion Course!

We’re thrilled to announce our official sponsorship of the Brazilian Zouk World Championship 2024 held in scottsdale arizona this August 15th-19th! Join us in celebrating the essence of Brazilian Zouk, as we empower the Rising Star Category winners with two full passes to Rio Zouk Immersion 2025 Valued at $10,990 USD. We are excited to welcome these rising stars to our program where they will further the love of the dance and culture of Brazil. As we join in the fun of competition let us remember why we are all here,… for the fun of dance! What better way to celebrate your victory than with a one month all inclusive trip to Brazil to train with legends in Rio! Let us unite and elevate the global Zouk community together!

Teams Division - Sponsor: Zouk Heat

Zouk Heat is dedicated to being your ultimate destination for electrifying Brazilian Zouk events in the Washington DC Metro Area. From lively socials to our renowned Zouk Fire Weekends and the annual Festival: Zouk Heat, we offer a diverse range of experiences for Zoukers of all skill levels. Our mission is to cultivate a warm and inclusive atmosphere at every gathering, fostering the growth of Brazilian Zouk through collaboration with local organizers, DJs, and instructors. With meticulous attention to detail, we curate our events with your enjoyment and safety in mind, ensuring quality venues and top-tier talent. As part of our commitment to the dance community, Zouk Heat proudly supports the Teams Division by contributing towards the prize for the first-place winners. Together, let’s ignite a fiery passion for Brazilian Zouk and unite in a celebration of love for the dance.

Teams Division - Sponsor: Zouk MX

Zouk MX’s “Dancers Invade Playa Del Carmen” transforms the stunning destination of Playa Del Carmen into an unparalleled dance experience. Renowned for its world-class music festivals, breathtaking beaches, charming town, and upscale hotels and venues, Playa Del Carmen sets the stage for an unforgettable fusion of culture and movement. As Zouk MX leads the charge in bringing the excitement of Brazilian Zouk to this vibrant locale, they proudly champion the Teams Division by contributing to the prize for the first-place winners. With its blend of natural beauty and dynamic dance energy, “Dancers Invade Playa Del Carmen” promises an immersive experience that celebrates both the spirit of Zouk and the allure of this enchanting destination.

How to become a sponsor!

Become one of our valued sponsors and make a difference in the journey of our choreography competitors. Your support is vital in providing them with the resources and opportunities they need to excel on the global stage of the Brazilian Zouk World Championships. Contact us today at info@brazilianzoukworldchampionships.com to learn more about how you can contribute to the success of these talented dancers. Join us in shaping the future of Brazilian Zouk and empowering dancers to reach new heights.